Best Nintendo DS Emulators for Android

Hello gaming fans, every 80s or 90s kid remembers the Nintendo games, the best games of that time. Those games were classic, fun and without much graphics it was favorite of all, and still if we get chance to play them we will never miss it. Nintendo DS emulators are one of the most popular & searched emulators on android store, these emulators make your android smartphone a Nintendo gaming console, in which you can play the loaded games of your choice. There are now many emulators in the android market, & in this article I am going to tell you about those emulators or consoles which are easy to use, more fun and give more choices.

So let’s get started:


Drastic is one of the most popular & older ds emulator with a classic user interface & and high reliability. A good design makes it worth trying as it will give user an extremely good gaming experience. This emulator is an paid app on Google play store, so if you want to play those best games of 90s then I assure you that this app worth your money.

Let’s see some of its features:

  • Highly compatible with various android smart devices.
  • Runs very fast, gives no lag & high quality gaming experience.
  • Offers option to high end quad core smartphone devices to enhance the 3D resolution of games to give better graphical experience.
  • Offers customization of screen facility for both portrait & landscape modes, so that user can place buttons according to his comfort for better gaming experience.
  • Supports add-on controllers on various devices via otg or other extensions.
  • It offers a special save feature, so you can save your game progress and play later from that save point.
  • Offers database of cheat codes, so add them and get special powers in games you are playing.

So, these were some of the features of this emulator. It is fast, reliable, customizable but yes it is not free. So buy it, if you like it. Good for those who loved these kinds of games and want more choices and features while playing them.


This is another very nice ds emulator, and unlike above one this emulator is completely free for users. I like this emulator because it offers open source code, so anyone can update it that’s why this emulator gets updated often which makes it reliable. Also the gaming interface of this application is very attractive & simple. It offers unique six button control with joystick, giving user more controls. It is one of the best free emulators on Google play store.

Let’s see some of its features:

  • It is highly compatible with almost every android smartphone, making it highly reliable application.
  • It offers a big database of Sega games, and option of downloading others in that database too.
  • It offers six button support needed in many Sega games.
  • It offers various controller choices & support.
  • It offers a special feature of two player support, so user can enjoy with his friend.
  • It has auto-save feature.
  • It gives customize the screen feature, so set controls as your comfort.
  • Gives ROM fetcher support, so user is able to add new games he wants to play.

It has many features, and this application is free. SO I recommend my readers to try it once and keep it for some time as it gets updated often. For low spec smartphone users, this app is one of the best option for your android devices too.


This is another good free ds emulator application for your smartphone devices. It is also free of cost available on Google play store. It provides good user interface design, but is bit slow than other emulators, so I recommend this for high end specs android devices users.

Let’s see some of its features:

  • It offers save state feature, so user can save his game data.
  • It offers ROM download feature.
  • It offers control customization, and provide unique controls for various games as per game need.
  • It offers data transfer of games to other devices like computers & smartphones.

This application is also open source, so it is often updated. It doesn’t contain any advertisements or purchases but use it only if you have a smartphone with good specifications. Its game database is good, here you may also find unique games not easily found on other emulators database.


This is also a free & open source ds emulator. It has a classic interface, with simple design which is easy to understand. It is fast, and has a very good interface of controls; appear as like a real console would have. It is good for both medium & high spec android smartphones.

Let’s see some of its features:

  • It offers various high quality themes & menus.
  • User is able to add external files to play games.
  • User is able to customize controls according to requirements & comfort to enhance gaming experience.
  • It offers multiple language supports too.
  • It doesn’t have any irritating advertisements or in application purchases.
  • Offers save state mode to save the progress of the game data.
  • Easy updates & new features are added to it often.
  • Dynamic database, so users can share games data to each other, and update the database.

So if you require a simple application with updated games and data, then this application is great for you. It is not a very fast emulator, but since it provides unique database it can be a good choice for selective choice people in terms of gaming.

These were some of the best emulators available in the market; some are paid while other is open source. Choose the application as per your requirements & also as per your android smartphone specifications. Now just enjoy the games from these emulators, and take fun to next level. Hope this article answered all your queries, and was helpful to you.

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