How To Download & Install Lucky Patcher On Your Android Phone

For those who wonder what exactly does the Lucky Patcher does. Here’s a quick description. Lucky Patcher basically analyzes the listing of installed applications on your device i.e your mobile phones and specifies the actions you can bring out, amongst which you will discover the likelihood to remove the license verification included on lots of applications that involve them to be downloaded from the Google Play to work, permissions, extract the APK file to do backups, modify the associated and other illegitimate actions like eliminate Google Ads or unchaining paid applications to be capable to install them on former devices.

Things Which You Can Do With Lucky Patcher:

There are heck lot of things which you can do with Lucky Patcher in just one click. Do you want to know about them? Well it will take a lot of time but let me try discussing some of the best features of the Lucky patcher App.

  • Lucky Patcher app helps you in doing free in-app purchases.
  • Do you love using any app but fed up with the ads? Lucky Patcher is here for your rescue. Now you can block ads of any Android app and continue using it on your Android phone. Isn’t it interesting?
  • Do you want to mod any app or game? Now you can easily do that with the help of Lucky Patcher.
  • You can remove any pre-installed app which is consuming your secondary storage and RAM. It will also help in improving the battery life of your phone.

How To Download & Install Lucky Patcher Apk?

As the application is amazing, we will suggest you to take the back up of your whole thing first.
So here are the steps involved to download of install LUCKY PATCHER on you Android phone.

  1. First of all, You have to download the Lucky Patcher APK.


  • After downloading the application, simply click on the file and press on Install.
  • After pressing install you might see installation blocked. This is because the lucky Patcher app can modify other apps and games, So you might need to follow these 3 steps to install it as below image.
    1st You need to click on More details
    2nd Now click on Install anyway(unsafe)

3rd Then tap on OK to install it.


  • Now once you have installed the application, icon will be placed on your Android device.

Note: If the lucky Patcher does not get installed or get failed to install on your android phone then:

Try to install the “Lucky Patcher Apk” now it says blocked, after a tap on more details, the option of ‘INSTALL ANYWAY’ option doesn’t come on your phone then

Go to the Google Play Store and click on menu icon, see the top left side (It looks like 1 bas extra on a equals to sign).


Now Tap.

Next Play Protect option.


  • Find the words “Scan device for security threats” and then click on the radio button.


  • As you check OFF this button and it turns not Green (may be grey in colour), Your decice will not ask over you for security, whenever you are going to install any applications or games outside from Google Play store.


Now you finally can install Lucky Patcher apk. and any patched or say modded applications or games with just one click on your android device.

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